Hello All,

Before I get into the “about me”, I would like to tell you why I am here. As of a week ago, I am now in search of the true meaning and lifestyle of a Healthy Narcissist and what it takes to get there mentally. I came up with this practice in 2009 and it was a huge success is so many ways. Not only was I feeling extremely secure and happy, but never before had I seemed so attractive to the opposite sex. Almost as if they couldn’t stand that my response was, “I can’t, I’m practicing Healthy Narcissism and that doesn’t consist of dating anyone other than myself.” Just saying that to someone was invigorating enough. I maintained that mentality for almost a year, but I feel like I didn’t take it to the level I should have. I feel I didn’t go far enough into research and discipline because I was too young. Now, not only do I want to discover this new way of momentarily living, but I want to document the entire experience and share it with others. I hope that you see this as a place where you want to be with yourself and decide to take on the challenge of being a Healthy Narcissist. February 29, 2014 my first introduction on Healthy Narcissism will post. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. I am open to any advice as well.

Now, if you want to know a little about who I am, keep reading. My name is Haley Nicole, my internet name is HaleyNicole_LovesCoffee. I have produced and edited for a local Dallas NBC show, but I now work for a Texas based magazine. I love reading, learning, skateboarding (vert is kind of my thing), laughing, and being mischievous. I have a 4 ball python whose name is Einstein and a little fox  looking pomeranian named Napoleon. I have written an unpublished children’s book titled, “The Imagination of Time Scribble.” I am idealistic, I have an immense amount of imagination and I am completely disorganized.


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