Love Desensitization Part One: The Physical; Rubber Band Test

Too bad we can’t just desensitize ourselves by turning love into this tangible entity and just beating the shit out of it until we feel better. If that were possible, I can already picture myself after a really bad breakup (flash forward: Haley holding a nerf bat growling and yelling while beating the absolute shit out of what we perceive as the feeling of love.) whew! I apologize, I am a lot better now, think, Zen.

During this study, I approached this topic using three different ways to interact with these methods;

The Physical: The Rubber Band Method

The Mental: Dr. so so blah blah Method

The Spiritual: Yoga and Meditation Method

This is just my take on things and I have no idea what I am doing, just someone who wants answers I suppose. For the past two weeks I have been wearing a rubber band on my wrist to “pop” myself out of love. Whenever ANYTHING gives me the ewy gooey feeling, the hot feeling,
the cutesy wootsy feeling, I POP the SHIT out of my wrist with that little rubber band. I wonder if this is actually doing anything? Training our brains by jolting our neurons whenever dopamine and norepinephrine flare up. I mean, if you think about it, dopamine is associated with the rewards system in our brain. And when you love or take on any interest in that, dopamine flares up in certain regions of the brain. So, if you snap that rubber band to jolt those neurons and sever the neurotransmitters, dopamine, there might be a possibility of physically training your body to desensitize to love.


Yes, if this were true how wonderful and interesting that might be. Who knew a thin, crappy rubber band could possibly have so much power. It has only been two weeks with the rubber band experiment, so I am unable to conclude anything yet. In three weeks, I will update more results on this “Rubber Band” method and fill everyone in on my other two experiments; The Mental and The Spiritual. I blabbed on so much on the first , I didn’t even get to the other two. Feedback anyone?? I would sure like to know what you all think of this crazy idea!


5 thoughts on “Love Desensitization Part One: The Physical; Rubber Band Test

  1. LOL! Hmmm, desensitizing yourself to love. So you’re looking for a cure?
    I think if I had ever tried this, I would have started to associate sex with snapping rubber bands, giving me a whole new set of problems.

  2. I think it’s a clever take on trying to associate love w/pain in order to prevent pain by not feeling the love or oogey-ness of it. But as individual who already grown and knows these things and the difference Btwn that physical pain and emotional pain do you think you will really desensitize yourself for to long? Or only for a few then you mind will take over bc you already know the difference? This reminds me of the experiments w the pups and the treats (the whole conditioning exp) the difference is they were young and didn’t know possible out outcomes you do. So my question is will what u already know override the physical pain? (Hope that makes sense) Either way I’m excited to know he outcome! I’m sure we could all use a desensitization method to hold us back from doing certain things like “love”

    • I do completely understand. I guess I am approaching this somewhat serious and at the same time, somewhat silly. It is just something I am doing to put my thoughts out there. I mean, who knows, maybe there is also the placebo effect? Either way, I hope you get enjoyment out of what I say. 🙂 I really appreciate your feedback. You have no idea!

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