Practicing Healthy Narcissism; Live it, Love it, Love You!

Healthy Narcissism

By HaleyNicole_LovesCoffee

Before understanding the term, Healthy Narcissism, we need to get a full understanding of its antonym, Narcissism. Yes, it originated from a Greek mythological character etc… But that’s not really relevant to this discussion nor is it necessary (Plus, that is way too far off on a tangent that I am not willing to indulge in). First introduced by Sigmund Freud in the early 1900’s, Narcissism summed up all the adjectives that often describe a typical heart breaking, fatuous, sciolistic male. (I mean, you know, those types of men…don’t think I just got broken up with or something like that and the only reason I started this blog was to emotionally vent and guard my sensitivity. Come on, I am not that pathetic…) Like I said, Narcissism explained personality traits that have existed for centuries. The standard traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder are; attention seeking, search for constant approval, having a grandiose sense of self and so on. I believe that we all have at one time or another discovered these traits within ourselves.

Examples being;



I will gladly admit that I posted the above picture on my facebook to get some action. If a man wont give me the attention that I want, then I just post a picture of myself. “I will show him, guess I will just take my business elsewhere (updates profile picture).” I mean, there is a reason it is a “post” relationship picture right?

Healthy Narcissism is taking that energy of seeking approval and love from others and finding it within yourself. You have to become a Healthy Narcissist and believe it. By becoming this, you will see it evolve into something so strong and invigorating. In 2010, I had my first Valentine’s Day as a Healthy Narcissist. I chose to take a Dallas Railway to the downtown West End area and eat a sushi dinner alone. I realized if Valentine’s Day was celebrating the significant other in your life, then I could make the decision to celebrate me, since technically that’s who I was in a relationship with. I took my ipod, Bram Stokers “Dracula” and my journal. The railway was an hour ride and I remember walking into that sushi restaurant and saying “one please.” The worker in the restaurant yelled as he was making a roll of sushi to reiterate, “just one?” I assured him with confidence, “yes, just one.” I happily ate my sushi and read my book. Instances like this reassures that loving just yourself first will open the doors to truly loving someone else. You will not be able to love someone until you first love you. But before doing that you need to be well with being alone. And finding ways to do that is key. Whether it is going to the movies, dinner, or working, but you have to make sure and do it alone. Loving yourself is something so simple, but so taxing at the same time. Many times you will hear how a relationship is something that constantly needs work and attention, that same rule applies to your relationship with you. This is my first week as a Healthy Narcissist, I will document my experiences on here. Please feel free to comment your opinion or questions. I am open to all thoughts and ideas.


17 thoughts on “Practicing Healthy Narcissism; Live it, Love it, Love You!

    • I am glad to see it reached out to someone! Thank you for responding. I am always wanting opinions, feedback and questions! It’s definitely an evolving as I go, kind of thing lol

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